Getting stuck after learning the basics of front-end development is often met with all sorts of advice like this:

This type of advice assumes something. Something about what you need to learn and where you want to go.

It also assumes your HTML and CSS skills are sharp. But are they?

Could you translate a design into succinct, maintainable HTML and CSS?

Build Awesome Websites was created to help you go beyond the basics of HTML and CSS, and into writing code that is organized, robust, and meets the demands of web and app design across all types of devices.

Here are some posts to get started:

Take the CSS Flexbox Layout Challenge!

Are you confident in your ability to translate a design mockup into HTML and CSS?

Writing CSS from scratch is challenging - especially if you've been using frameworks like Bootstrap.

What if you could have guided practice through solving layout challenges, leading to a more comprehensive understanding of CSS and Flexbox?

Sign up to recieve 3 increasingly difficult CSS layout challenges.

These 3 challenges will help sharpen your CSS layout and problem solving skills.

Give each challenge a shot, and after 2 days, recieve a video explanation along with the next challenge.

Master concepts like: