"I want to go beyond basic HTML and CSS, but what's next?"

If you’re like most UI designers I know, eventually you begin writing some code.

Maybe you begin by building out some small prototypes, or code a landing page.

But eventually you hit a snag by trying to create an interactive slider widget and things aren't lining up like they should.

So, you try a few open-source JQuery plugins, but the styling is off and hacking through the CSS is causing just as many issues.

But what if coding was part of your design repertoire?

You could craft unique, interactive interfaces. Create engaging animations. Flexing the full power of modern browsers.

Build Awesome Websites was created to help you go beyond the basics of HTML and CSS, and begin crafting beautiful, responsive, dynamic user-interfaces.

Here are some articles to help you level up your UI code-crafting skills.

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