I’ve been with SkyToaster since 2015. I’ve been able to build MODX and WordPress sites on their shared hosting option – and it’s only about $10/month. They never upsell other services. It’s very developer friendly with lots of flexibility for upgrading to a VPS should the traffic need arise.

Domain Names

I find its best to buy domain names separately from hosting when you can. NameCheap is a solid option for buying domain names.

Code Editors

Content Management Systems

  • WordPress (My favorite CMS for blogs mostly because of the Gutenberg block editor, which makes managing structured content a breeze)
  • MODX (My favorite for managing a site overall because of it’s customizability. MODX + Gutenberg would be my dream)
  • Craft (I’ve never Craft, but I hear great things!)

Development Software

  • Koala App (a GUI for compiling SCSS and minification)
  • MAMP (for hosting WordPress locally – Apache server and MySql DB)

Some of the links may be affiliate links, which means I get a small commission if you decide to make a purchase.

However, most of these tools and resources are free, and I never recommend something unless I personally use it, or would recommend it to close friends and family for their specific needs.